Ceiling Fan

Install a Ceiling Fan

It’s vital for businesses to comply with the numerous laws and regulations regarding electrical installations and electrical equipment in the workplace. Incorrectly installed wiring or equipment, as well as posing a serious danger to your employees, can invalidate your insurance.

We have vast experience in dealing with commercial, industrial electrical installations and we can ensure that you are not only safe, but also are compliant with all the latest laws, regulations.

To ensure work is carried out correctly, you need fully qualified and reliable electricians. If you are looking for a professional, reliable electrical service for your business in the London area, then look no further. Our fully qualified team of electricians can deal with anything from the smallest repair to a complete electrical system design and rewire. If you need any commercial electrical services in London, remember to get in touch with RAF ELECTRICAL SERVICES. We know that commercial electrical service is different from domestic electrical service and only a professional understand the laws and regulation standards associated with electrical installations in a commercial building.