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Domestic and Commercial Electrical Services London

Whether you need an emergency electrician or you need to complete a project that requires electrical expertise, RAF electrical services provides a range of Electrical Services, from domestic electrical needs to commercial electrical requirements.
No job is too small or too big for our team of qualified and certified electricians.

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House Rewiring

Rewiring a house is probably one of the biggest electrical jobs you’ll ever need to do in your home. Although it’s a big job, we’ll make upgrading the electrical system through your property as painless and clean as possible.

Interior Designer
Electric water heater repairs
Light switches and dimmer switches repair and installation

Let there be light! As long as you have switches. And to bring atmosphere to your house, dimmer switches are even better. We can repair and install new switches across the house at will. Just give us a ring.


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We can diagnose and solve any commercial or domestic electrical issue in just an hour…..Our Emergency Electricians, values you and are ready to offer you high-quality, fast and professional services 24/7.

Licensed electrician with over 10 years experience in many areas of the industry, including tripping and sparking emergencies.

We ensure you to receive the best service and all paperwork for completed electrical installation work and periodic inspection and electrical testing.

We have a long history of providing excellent results in emergency services.

We are an ideal solution, upon contacting us, a local electrical nearby will arrive as soon as possible to repair, install or inspect your electric issue.