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Residential Services

Our experienced residential electricians provide electrical services throughout London. We are fully qualified electrical contractors and NICEIC approved. We offer good value and service and also provide a 24-hour call out for electrical emergencies.

RAF electrical services offer honest advice to the homeowner free of charge. If your property is in need of re-wiring, our electricians will ensure the work is carried out efficiently with limited disruption leaving the site in a safe and tidy condition at the end of every working day. We have a waste management policy in place and look to recycle as many of our waste products as possible. We are always seeking ways to improve on this and limit our impact on the environment.

Whenever you feel the need of hiring a professional residential electrical serviceman for your home, you will always want to get associated with a service provider who is a registered company and have a relevant license. Someone who carries a good amount of experience and can deal with all sorts of domestic electrical problems. It’s difficult to look for a service provider who you can trust, that’s when you should get in touch with AI Amin who works non-stop 365 days a year and travels to all across London.

We are only one call away.

We are a Licensed and Insured Company

Whenever you call an electrician you always ensure that the company you are dealing with is licensed and insured. We are transparent with our policies and services. Ask us about our company and we will tell you everything. License and insurance make a company reliable and we understand that hence don’t worry to talk to our representative and ask about these questions before hiring us.

Residential Electrician Near me...

You can ask your neighbors about us.

Since we provide services across London, we are certain that some of your neighbors might have contacted us for our services. We provide bespoke service and we strive to do better. You can also obtain references for us as well. References will help you trust us more.


"Money Matters". You should always ask the company you will be hiring about the expense that may arise and also ask them about any discounts. Hence, call us and let us tell you an initial quote. You are free to call us whenever you want to and we wouldn’t mind it at all. Money is an essential part and you have the right to know about the cost as well. We value our customers and we are obsessed with them, we want to build a relationship with you and our price and quotes will never upset you!


We ensure that we have permits and permissions to work all over London.

If someone is running an electrical service company, the businessman has to ensure they have adequate permits and permission to run their company and work in different parts of the city. Well, we do and that’s why our customers come back to us for any electrical problem again and again.


We work efficiently and transparency is the key to build any relationship. Along with the cost, we will also tell you about the estimated time that will be required to finish our job. That way you can plan about the day accordingly. We want to make sure that our professionals do their job correctly and we will never lie or hide anything from you.


Only the best electrician knows and understands your concern. We are here to listen to you. We will maintain a detailed record of all the problems that you may have been facing with the electrical problems. We will understand the issue, analyze it and then give you the proper solution.

You Can Call Us

If you are facing residential electrical problems and unsure about who to get in touch with, you should give us a call right away.

You can contact us at 07501011453
You can contact us at 07405614808
Drop a mail on info@electricianservice.co.uk

Trust us and our years of experience. Our highly professional team will protect you and your family and solve the issue within just a few hours. No matter where you are located in London, we will be at your door


Garden Lighting

Garden lights are great for enhancing the atmosphere and illumination of
outdoor spaces. Whether you want to brighten pathways in the front yard
or host a garden party in the backyard, landscape lighting offers plenty
of solutions. Some light fixtures easily blend in with nature, such as lanterns that hang on tree branches, or tree floor lamps that are reminiscent of reeds. 

Other light fixtures are well-suited to layer light in your garden such as outdoor ceiling lamps, wall lights, and table lamps. Whether you have a large garden or balcony garden, here’s some inspiration in the form of these trendy garden lighting ideas.

Path lights are a great way to illuminate garden or stone walkways. LED path lights are even better because they’ll offer energy efficient, long-lasting light. UL wet listed path lights are better still since they can withstand weather conditions year-round. Make sure to check the wet rating of garden lights to ensure they will last through rain and snow.

Car Battery Chargers Installation

Whenever you need a help for car battery chargers replacement or installation, you can call us and trust our electrician works. Because our electricians are well trained and experts of their own works and you will be satisfied after our service. Feel free to call us, we will be there for your help.

CCTV Camera Installation

Should you need IT – CCTV camera Installation and repair services, RAF ELECTRICAL SERVICES is Best Company to provide IT service & CCTV security system for your home offices, Restaurants Bar or Club and other commercial or industrial area’s. RAF ELECTRICAL SERVICES have IT Consultant service – CCTV camera services provide many year experience in the IT Field & Security camera industry.

Our aim We Help every one with the services of CCTV installation & other security camera. All CCTV Camera/DVR need to uninterrupted power 24 hours to make it works.

RAF ELECTRICAL SERVICES have professional Technician and Engineer  team which working experience many years in relevant fields. We care clients and batter services provide at doorstep related technical need.